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Deterring Boomslangs

This morning a group of us spent the morning as aspiring gardners. We helped plant shallots around the borders of the Hovde House to help deter snakes from the area. There have been a few sightings of poisonous snakes around the house (especially Boomslangs). Christian the gardner, taught us the basics and within two hours we had the job done. It is a huge relief to know that we did something to help control the problem, as any snake bite injuries to the kids would be heart breaking for all of us.
It is getting difficult to believe that our time here in Ghana is close to completion. The connections we have made here are immense and it will be heart wrenching to leave this new life behind. Our time in Ghana will be a part of us forever and the experiences we have all had are life-changing. Being a part of the Ghana Health Service has been an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful to everyone who has made it a reality. We definitley ended on a high with our last day at the municipal hospital. Emily, Sarah and I watched another C-section and I was able to carry the new baby girl back to the maternity ward. We watched a second surgery, a hernia repair, and Emily was lucky enough to scrub in and help the surgeon out. The opportunities we have had here are incredible and I never once believed we would be able to see and participate in so much!

There are no endings only new beginnings
Art market vendor at Cape Coast after I told him I would be sad to leave Ghana.
What is Really Important

I have had the most incredible past two days in Winneba. Yesterday I was lucky enough to witness a natural birth for the first time at the maternity ward. In the time frame of about two hours a baby boy was successfully delivered to an exhausted mum. Around the same time a second mother delivered in a car outside of the hospital and was rushed in with her baby boy. Both babies are now healthy and happy! In addition, today I got to stand in on a c-section surgery with CJ. It was the first surgery i have seen at the hospital and it was incredible. I can’t even describe how surreal it was to see both of these events in a matter of two days - let’s just say I got a crash couse in OB/gyn!
Yesterday our group spent the afternoon at the Hovde House which houses former child slaves. It’s difficult to comprehend what these children have been through in such a short lifetime. It amazes me how they still yearn to learn and play despite their impossible past. I know we all feel much appreciation for the opportunity to spend time with them and offer them support and love even just for the short time we are here. For me, these kids represent hope. They may still bear scars but they never lose the capability to smile, laugh, and play. It’s moments like these that remind you what is really important in life.

Welcome to Ghana!
The first words of the surgeon to the baby during today’s c-section

Today we got to attend a Ghanaian wedding so we all wore our traditional dresses! I also ran into my friend Charlotte from the Municipal Pharmacy.

Some photos from throughout the trip!

We’re Half Way There

Sunday we took a trip to Kakum National Park. I’m not normally afraid of heights but walking on shaky 2x4 planks, 40 meters above the rainforest is enough to scare anybody. It didn’t help that every time I stood on a plank I could see the bolts coming unscrewed.. but it was still one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! They say they haven’t seen a leopard there in over 6 years, which isn’t surprising with all the screaming and yelling coming from the canopy walk. After the canopy walk (with shaky legs) we visited a monkey sanctuary down the road. It was owned by an eccentric couple from Holland who basically packed up and moved themselves to Ghana. They are doing amazing work raising animals and releasing them back into the rainforest outside. 

Today the medical clinic group got to help out with community health day. That involved weighing the children and making sure they are on track with their weight. They also give all the kids their vaccinations on these days too. I got to experience my first Ghanaian pharmacy today too. It makes Walgreens look like a warehouse for medications. The pharmacy was a small room with about 2 shelves of medications and two workers dispensing the drugs.

Also, I picked up my clothes from Rebecca the seamstress today, so I can finally dress like a Ghanaian!

Day trip out to Cape Coast!

Everybody keeps asking me about the wildlife here so I took a few photos!

Cape Coast